A Second Look at ” you CAN’T take it WITH you”

Published October 29, 2012 by mickala

Having enjoyed my first experience with Antaeus‘ current production I decided to go back and check out the Sycamore cast of “you CAN’T take it WITH you”. After seeing both casts it is easy to say that no matter which day you go to see this play you will walk away with a pleasant feeling. Each actor seems to have a grasp on their character, yet it is clear that everyone has their own take on their own characters. Each cast brings their own nuances to their roles, making them slightly different than the other cast’s but still true to the written role. For example Eve Gordon of the Sycamore cast plays a much more inhibited Penny Sycamore then Julia Fletcher’s outrages kooky Penny. Both are loveable and great to watch but they are slightly different takes on the roles.

If I had to pick a stronger cast I would say the Kirby cast, however I do not think picking favorites is fair. The first cast I saw was the Kirby cast, therefore I associate the roles with those actors, which is not fair to the Sycamore cast. I do feel that both casts have melded together well and bring this true ensemble piece to its comedic best. No matter which cast is playing I will highly recommend this production, and can guarantee that laughs will be had.

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