Christine Suarez Dances, Talks and Winds Through Motherhood in “Mother. F*cker.”

Published October 27, 2012 by mickala

A sparse stage in a completely filled Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica is the setting for Christine Suarez’s creative movement piece, “Mother. F*cker”. She enters dragging along a bundle of motherhood, a breast pillow, a teddy bear, blankets, etc. Halfway across the stage Suarez turns to the audience, smiles and says “this walk is not as hard as it looks”. During the hour long exploration, Suarez addresses the moment she found out she was pregnant, the preparation and realization that all preparation flies out the window once the baby is born. She journeys through the highs and lows and unexpectedness, talking, and demonstrating her thoughts through music, dance and even charts. The piece is, at times, captivating and relatable for many watching. Suarez is able to capture the love and desperation of a mother in her movement and expressions. Though at times she takes the universal subject of motherhood and personalizes it a little too much. She wraps herself up so tightly in the white sheet of her own struggles that it is hard to see through it.

Suarez seems like a fascinating individual, owner of SuarezDanceTheater and one who clearly explores herself through her movement and public performance. This particular piece premiered at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival last summer and is in Santa Monica this weekend only*. Giving only three performances, Suarez is sharing her love of expressive movement and opinions and feelings on motherhood. Though not for everyone, this piece may shock you, but if you are a mother you will most likely find something to relate to within the piece.

*There are two remaining performances, this Saturday at 3pm and 8:30pm.

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