3-D Theatricals Bring Quality Musical Theater to the South Bay

Published August 9, 2012 by mickala

When tackling a well-known Tony Award winning musical, local theater companies can often come up short and seem nothing more than a group of community members living out a long lost dream. Occasionally however, there are theater companies that are capable of putting together a stellar cast and forming a production worthy of the Broadway material they are presenting. 3-D Theatricals is that special company who does just that and more. Their recent production of Avenue Q, which is now closed, was flawlessly hilarious in every way it was supposed to be. Having seen the professional national touring company a few years ago at the Ahmanson; I can say that the quality between the two productions were very similar.

3-D Theatricals is a newer theater company that came about in 2009. They have a permanent home in Fullerton but have recently joined forces with the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center to bring quality theater to the South Bay. I am a hard person to please when it comes to musical theater. I have followed it for over 20 years, have studied it for almost just as long and have seen so many shows in so many cities; I can recognize amateur theater within a single poorly sung note. This my faithful readers, is not amateur theater. It is professional theater at prices that almost anyone can afford, in a venue that gives pretty much everyone a good seat.

Though Avenue Q is no longer playing, 3-D Theatricals has two productions left this season, I Love A Piano  and Hairspray; and they have a fantastic line up for next year. They will bring some huge musicals to the stage and I have every bit of faith they will bring them with the enthusiasm and impeccable talent that they gave to Avenue Q.  Check out their  schedule in both Fullerton and Redondo Beach for their upcoming shows.

Side note: Avenue Q is a fantastic show and I highly suggest you look into it. (If you are of a mature age and love to laugh at inappropriate things).

2 comments on “3-D Theatricals Bring Quality Musical Theater to the South Bay

  • This may be a great company but as a former subscriber to James Blackman’s company, I resent the manner in which Redondo Beach threw him out. I am one of several subscribers who will not return to this location.
    Shirley C. Munch

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