Audio Recording of “8” Gives Equality New (Well-Known) Voices

Published June 1, 2012 by mickala

Every once in a while there is a movement that draws a lot of attention and high-profile supporters. The fight for equality and more specifically the right for gay and lesbian couples to legally marry is currently one of those movements. In California the fight for these issues came to the forefront when Proposition 8 came to the ballots in 2008 and was passed. By passing Prop. 8 the State Constitution was changed and marriage between same sex couples was banned.

This issue and the court hearings that followed the passing of Prop. 8 have been documented and presented to a wider audience in the star studded presentation of the new play “8”. “8” which is written by Academy Award winning Dustin Lance Black was performed live in March of this year in Los Angeles. Featuring a star-filled cast including, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jane Lynch and many more. This production was recorded and is now being presented by L.A. Theatre Works as a 2 disc audio recording, available Friday June 1st. This 2-hour long recording features well written and presented arguments for equality in the setting of the court case Perry v. Schwarzenegger that actually took place.

As a pro-equality platform this recording presents well-thought out arguments, compelling stories and strong statements that blatantly calls out those who are not for the cause. This production portrays those against gay marriage as blubbering idiots who cannot and do not research their claims. John C. Reilly does a phenomenal job playing one of those blubbering idiots, the aptly named David Blankenhorn. Though some of these arguments are probably true it seems a very one sided, strong claim. This play is obviously geared towards those who are already pro-equality. Those who do not believe in same-sex marriage will probably not listen to the whole recording, and even if they do they will most likely not have theirs minds changed based solely on this play. What this play does achieve, is in giving the cause faces and stories that people can think about when deciding their point of view.

By putting tons of celebrates in this recording people will buy it and listen to it and perhaps they will start talking to others and be inclined to get the cause out. The play may not change peoples minds, but it may light fires under current supporters who then might be able to convince their friends that they need to be more open to equal rights for all.

Overall this recording has some fabulous information and well delivered speeches that bring up very valid arguments. It is an intriguing listen and if you are pro-equality then hearing the audience cheering to certain speeches will make you feel excited. You might even find yourself laughing and cheering along with them, I know I did. Though it would have been phenomenal to see this performance live, this CD brings the feel and passion the performers had for this show. The play is so well written that the audio recording is extremely interesting and incredibly moving.

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