What a Great PUNCH Line: “The Avengers”

Published May 5, 2012 by mickala

For someone who is on the outside of the Marvel adventures that have been taking over the big screen for the last few years, setting the scene for the newest blockbuster “The Avengers“, it may be hard to be overly enthused about going to see the movie. But from one of those scenarios to another, go see it! It is worth the ridiculous fees they are charging nowadays for the script alone. That’s right this new comic book hero movie is not all hot women in tight costumes and amazing special effects. Joss Whedon has provided the movie with his incredible wit and excellent story telling abilities.

The stellar cast featuring Robert Downey Jr., Scareltt Johansson, Chris Evans, Mark RuffaloChris Hemsworth as well as an amazing slew of others, bring charisma and comedic timing to this action packed motion picture. Downey’s Tony Stark has the best one-liners in the film and with those one-liners Whedon captured his personality perfectly.  In fact Whedon captured all of the heroes and their distinct personalities. His direction of the Hulk was poignant, timeless and ultimately gut wrenching hilarious.

It is easy to get the jest of the background of these characters even for those of us who have not been comic book fans all our lives or even fans of the recent movies. This movie brings something to the table for pretty much every audience. There is suspense, obviously full-fledged action that is brought to life with stellar special effects. However there is also a great story that is delivered in an extremely entertaining way.

Sure, it is the usual story of a villain trying to destroy the planet with his army of aliens, but because of the way the story is written you don’t really care that you know the arch of the story. There are exciting moments throughout and Whedon was able to keep the momentum alive all the way through it with his script.

I am usually not a huge blockbuster movie fan, but I may just pay the ungodly fee the theatres are charging twice, just to re-live the glory that is “The Avengers”.

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