Getting “Naked Before God”

Published April 20, 2012 by mickala

From the moment Kristen (Jennifer A. Skinner) pulls out three newly sanitized dildos from a boiling pot of water in her kitchen, it is obvious that Naked Before God is going to be a wild ride. Wild is just one word that can be used to describe this refreshing and hilarious new creation by Circle X Theatre Company, who is currently presenting their piece at [Inside] the Ford in Hollywood.

Naked Before God is a comedic play dealing with an American family who have some rather unique circumstances. Kristen and her estranged Afghanistan veteran husband have a nineteen-year-old son who needs to make money fast. Kristen instructs him into the only business she knows, Adult Films. Now, much of the comedic magic that takes place in this play is built from surprise and the amazing comedic timing of the cast. Therefore, the majority of the plot will be revealed when you go see it for yourself.

Photo from (Jennifer A. Skinner, Morgan McClellan and Christopher Foley)

The beautifully built set adds character to Kristen before she even enters her “living room”, with the pink walls, sparkly pillows and Audrey Hepburn poster. She is lively and it is obvious she has had drug problems before it is even mentioned. The cast, which is perfectly sprinkled with veteran theater performers as well as newcomers, is magical. The chemistry of the actors makes this play an absolute joy and when the last blackout occurs you may receive the first ping of disappointment since it began, its over. The fact that the characters are so easy to connect to pays tribute to those presenting the actors as well as those who wrote them.

To make these characters loveable is no easy feat. Kristen is a strung-out, ex-porn star, who is pushing her son into the business and is jumping into the idea of exploiting her entire family. However, Skinner, brings out Kristen’s heart and good willed nature. It becomes obvious that she just wants to be good at something, to be loved and to show her love to those around her. Jen Kays also makes the bitchy Carly into an understandable character who has surprises of her own. There is no unlikable person in this play, even though on paper they probably all appear as people you would stand clear from.

Circle-X Theatre Company has provided a safe-haven for playwrights and creative ideas that are not only born but grow legs and actually walk around in public. Naked Before God is the first production that Circle X has created from beginning to end. Written and Directed to comedic perfection by Leo Geter, this show is sure to raise eyebrows and instill some lively late night conversation. However, this world premiere is not for everyone, rated R for content, language and of course nudity, this show is for those adults who want to have some hearty laughs and come face-to-face with a vibrant cast who get Naked Before God.

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