The Oscars: Hit or Miss?

Published February 28, 2012 by mickala

Even though the Oscars are never thoroughly exciting I still tune into them every single year. Now that there are nine movies nominated for Best Picture it is nearly impossible to be able to see all of them before the award season comes around, one because of time and two because of ticket prices. I will say one thing for the show this year; Billy Crystal is where he belongs. I loved when he used to host it and am so glad he came back. I also enjoyed the nostalgia to the show with all of the mentions of old Hollywood. One thing that became repetitive and boring was the constant references to going to the movies and how great the experience is. Ticket sales have obviously been affected by the price hikes in recent years but the constant drilling into our heads became annoying and almost even to the point of being insulting.

As far as who won the awards it was actually somewhat of an interesting night. Now Meryl Streep is always fantastic, she has to be since she has been nominated seventeen times, however I really did not think that she would win for “The Iron Lady”, since the movie itself was not very good. Viola Davis was my front-runner, and the front-runner for a lot of people. “The Artist” was a great movie but in a world of high-tech and big stars it was surprising that the Academy actually gave the movie three of the biggest awards of the show.

Overall I thought it was a great night of celebrities and entertainment. The awards were surprising and the host was refreshing as well as comforting. I liked the show and hope the Academy is smart and keeps Crystal on as long as he able to host them.

One comment on “The Oscars: Hit or Miss?

  • I did see all but Hugo for best picture this year, purely because of screeners, ticket prices are ridiculous. I was fairly disappointed with the selection compared with years passed. I had assumed Viola Davis would have won best actress but I was rooting for Meryl. I really didn’t like Iron Lady as a film but I really think Meryl was amazing and had the best performance overall. The Artist was an okay film but I believe marketing is what really ended up selling it to the Academy, then again there wasn’t much choice this year.

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