Theatre Like Never Before

Published January 21, 2012 by mickala

Wannabe super heroes, fights straight out of graphic novels, real life stories told in preposterous ways, all the while laden with the all too familiar droning groan of newscasters. This is just some of what you will see if you head over to [Inside] the Ford at The Ford Amphitheater in the next month. Matt Pelfrey’s NogoodDeed is an action play with incredible meaning and spectacular effects. Furious Theater Company has come back from a long hiatus with a play like no one has ever seen before. Playing on the term no good deed goes unpunished, the play follows three heroes, all taken from actual news clippings, who saved a local life or two and were then ripped apart by media hounds.

Sitting down in the theater it was hard to know what to expect. The program is filled with the playwright’s note and background on the theater company and even a graphic novel, trying to set the mood. When blaring music fills the theater my heart began to pound, anticipating the two longest hours of my life. Luckily I was transported by the action filled, drug induced fantasy world created by Pelfrey and director, Dámaso Rodriguez. I was inspired by the successful combining of television and stage, this production intertwines the worlds of graphic novels, television and stage in a way I have never seen before, and they do it successfully. Dan Weingarten’s use of hundreds of light clues help transform the stage and create the difference between reality and graphic novel fantasy.

You cannot help but laugh when the three main characters, heroes whose lives have been turned upside down by the media frenzies that have engulfed them, team up in true super hero fashion. They snort more cocaine then one could plausibly live through and then line up, raise their right arms and scream some ridiculous slogan as they whirl back in time. At times it is hard to tell what is actually happening within the play and what is just happening in Josh Jaxon’s head. Nick Cernoch throws himself into the role of Jaxon and looks as if he is ready to pass out during the final curtain call. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before, but it is quite possibly the new revolution in theatre.

NogoodDeed is overwhelming and downright exciting. Thursday was their second preview and they open Saturday January 21st, so there were obviously some things that need to be ironed out. However, if this production is smoothed out and cleaned up, it could be one of the most refreshing and groundbreaking pieces of theater to arrive in years. One thing is for sure; you do not want to miss it. So as the characters would do in their drug-induced haze, transport yourself to [Inside] the Ford and be ready to be blown away by Furious Theater Company.

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