Donuts, bread, muffins and… chicken?

Published November 27, 2011 by mickala

It was a carb lover’s heaven. Sitting around a table in the English Village, which was piled with donuts, pita bread, chunks of artisan bread, muffins, cookies, bagels, pumpkin bread and crepes, one could feel their thighs growing just by looking at it.  Just when you thought you could not possibly eat another dough-filled bite Peter walks in with something no one else dared to bring at 10:00 on a Monday morning. He opened his container filled with homemade Chicken Adobo and everyone seemed shocked and possibly appalled. At first sight your mind is boggled at the thought of eating chicken legs at that hour in the morning, but then you remember all of your other options. As delicious as Casey’s Banana and Nutella crepes were, mixed in with Ana’s homemade vegan pumpkin bread and everything else, you start to make room on your crumb-filled plate for the only piece of protein on the table.

The fork easily pulls off a piece of chicken leg from the bone, a good sign of moist goodness to come. The first bite is a firework of flavor. Salty and only slightly bitter, which is actually an immense compliment to the juicy meat. Chicken Adobo is a traditional Pilipino dish that is marinated in a mixture of spices as well as soy sauce and vinegar. Peter described his dish as being something versatile and that he eats on a weekly basis. The description of the vinegar being able to preserve the meat longer does not sound appealing, but the taste of the dish overrides all of those thoughts.

This dish makes one want to explore Pilipino cuisine even further. If something so classic as chicken legs marinated in soy sauce and vinegar can be so delicious then other foods from that culture seem promising. Peter’s version of Chicken Adobo cannot be compared to any other version since this was my first experience with this dish, however it can be said that it will be the dish that any other will be compared to. Peter made a bold move by bringing chicken legs to an early morning meeting but he obviously knew what he was doing. He was confident in the dish itself and his ability to execute it and he took a risk. A risk that was well worth it and well rewarded, for his container was the only one that left the gathering completely empty.

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