“Almost Famous”: A Timeless classic

Published November 7, 2011 by mickala

Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” was made in 2000, however it is still a relevant film today. It may not strike a chord in everyone or even be an accurate portrayal of rock or journalism life, however the theme of the movie is universally relatable. Everyone has dreams that they could forget all their burdens and just d what they wan with their lives and that is exactly what is at the heart of this film. The great acting and recognizable cast make it something that will be enjoyable for audiences to watch for several generations.

The journey of William Miller (Patrick Fugit) is what makes this film timeless. The audience is able to relate to the awkward teenager who is just trying to do something that he loves. It is easy to root for him as he embarks on his journey, touring with a real live rock band. There is a connection between William and the audience that is strong and builds throughout the entire movie. There is something heart warming about William being able to follow his dream. He gives up everything normal in his life and even misses his own graduation. However, he followed his heart, something many people do not do. People love watching others succeed; it makes them feel more capable of following their own dreams. The story of William is a major part of this film that makes it enjoyable, relatable and ultimately timeless, because following your heart is something that will never be outdated.

Even though this movie was made eleven years ago, many of the actors in this film are even better known now then they were then. Frances McDormand has had a long career and plays many character roles very well. Her portrayal of William’s mother, Elaine, is down to earth and hilarious. She struggles with her son’s choice to leave home, but fears of pushing him away the same way she did her daughter Anita, played by Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel is now extremely well known, but eleven years ago she was still relatively unkown. Her big eyes do most of the acting for her and she is a perfect sprinkle of inspiration for William’s character. The actors playing the band and the “Band-Aids” complete the movie. They bring realism and carelessness to the rock and roll lifestyle portrayed in the movie. The reactions of the characters bring the movie into reality and help transport the audience into the world of 1970’srock and roll.

The movie does a good job of bringing nostalgia to the audience. The time of touring with rock bands in an age of hippies and carefree life styles no longer exists. This movie allows people who lived through the seventies to reminisce, while it helps bring the world to those who never experienced it. One cannot help but feel as if they were part of that world in watching it. Crowe does an excellent job in setting his scenes and allowing his actors to make the scenes as real as possible.

This movie is overall successful in its attempt to be a period piece. It brings the clothes, people and lifestyle out of the 1970’s and to the 21st century. “Almost Famous” may not be a movie that everyone will like. It is a little unrealistic in the events that take place in the movie. However, the characters are real enough and extremely relatable, therefore they bring the audience into the scenes and out of the world of doubt. It is hard to judge if the movie is accurate in its portrayal on 1970’s rock life, unless you were involved in 1970’2 rock life, however it is easy to imagine that that is how it would be. It definitely fits the fantasy and stereotype that people of today seem to think of it as being.

“Almost Famous’ is an overall very enjoyable film. There are so many heartwarming moments, where William’s floppy brown hair shifts and his eyebrows crunch up. His innocent face of a fifteen year old in a completely new and unknown world, will forever have a place in the film’s audiences. The familiar story of following one’s dream and the extremely likeable characters, played by very talented actors are what will keep this film alive and playing on peoples screens for decades to come. It is a story that will never grow old and which everyone can understand and want to be a part of.

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