“Almost Famous” Review Outline

Published October 31, 2011 by mickala



Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” was made in 2000, yet it is still a relevant film today. Though dated in ways of music and clothing, the theme, following what you dream about and taking risks, will never be outdated.



I)              Timelessness

  1. This film is timeless in the way it takes its audience on a journey
  2. The audience can connect with the main character and can relate to his feelings of hopefulness as well as his helplessness

II)            Actors

  1. The movie features actors who have been in a lot of big movie and shows, before they had done so
  2. The performances are quite good and make the movie have its tone of nostalgia

III)          Nostalgia

  1. Brings out a lust for the old days
  2. For times that were simple and carefree

IV)          Funny

  1. Frances McDormand nails the overprotective mother who really does have a heart
  2. She delivers her lines perfectly and saves the movie in places where it begins to get stale

V)            Conclusion

  1. This movie may not hit a chord with everyone; it may not be an accurate portrayal of rock life or even journalism but it can be related to b everyone in the sense that everyone has dreams and everyone wishes they could forget all of their burdens and commitments and just fly.

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