The Woman of Many Voices: Melissa Villasenor

Published October 19, 2011 by mickala

Britney Spears singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, Kathy Griffin doing stand-up, Barbara Walters conducting an interview, Joan Cusack and Zooey Deschanel acting a scene from a movie. No it was not a night of channel surfing; it was Sunday night at The Dorie Theater at The Complex in Hollywood watching the one woman show “I’m not Myself” starring Melissa Villasenor. Villasenor is a stand-up comic and voice impressionist who has recently become known through her audition process on “America’s Got Talent”. Villasenor made it far in the competition but she did not win, she did however get a fan following and a touring gig around the country.

On top of her weekly appearances at the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory, Villasenor is now appearing in her own show for the next three Sundays. Laughter filled the small theater almost continuously for the one hour-long show. Villasenor first appeared in a straight jacket sitting in a chair, the only other set piece on stage is a hospital room divider, which she used as her transition area from one character to another. The premise of the show was that Villasenor had gone crazy and now has regular conversations between herself and her impressions.

Impressionists are not rare, but one who can conduct a conversation between Kathy Griffin and Wanda Sykes without breaking the voices and sounding exactly like them, is not only rare it is a real talent. Villasenor does singing impressions as well as voice, ranging from Judy Garland, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Shakira. Though her Judy Garland impression was a little long winded and not up to par with the others, Villasenor was quickly forgiven when she moves onto another sketch.

Villasenor even played herself, allowing her stand-up to come into the show. Even though her impressions are beyond incredible, her stand-up is immensely funny. This shows brings tears of laughter to the eyes and it is beyond worth the fifteen-dollar entry. Villasenor is still a relatively unknown comic gem, but it is hard to believe she will remain unknown for very much longer.

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