Organized Chaos: An encore

Published October 14, 2011 by mickala

Sharp angles blending and contradicting with the spastic uncalculated music took over the stage at the RedCat Theater on Friday night. Everything about Vic Mark’s piece “Medium Big Inefficient Considerably Imbalanced Dance” was odd and the only aspect of this piece that made sense was the title. At first the piece was confusing, with one woman running randomly in circles, while five other dancers jolted slowly back and forth across the stage as if they were being pulled by a higher power. Then the music started to switch on and off and to and from about a million different songs, and the nonsense of it all started to be appealing. Just as soon as you got comfortable with one piece of music and relaxed enough to laugh at the absurdity of it all, the piece changed again and you were thrown right back in to trying to figure it out. At one point a dancer posed on the ground, while another kneeled next to him, pushing him in circles with only his shoulder as if his strength was the only thing that could make the other dancer move. It would be impossible to attach one particular meaning to Mark’s piece, and that was the beauty of it. One must get lost in this piece in order to really enjoy it; have fun and marvel at the organized chaos of dancers who tumbled and leapt across the stage as if they had no control of their own movements. In reality, it took months and months of relentless thinking, planning and tumbling to come up with such a precise piece of joyful nonsense.



Author’s Note:

Alyssa helped me with proper word choice, my tendency to repeat words and awkward phrasing. I was able to capture the piece itself, but it was getting lost in improper use of language.

The reason I was able to capture the essence of the dance was after seeing Sasha Anawalt speak last week. Her descriptions of dance and ability to dissect each movement really made me look deeper into the dance itself and not just look for what the dance meant.

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