Vic Marks: Organized Chaos

Published October 7, 2011 by mickala

Sharp angles blending and contradicting with the spastic uncalculated music took over the stage at the Red Cat Theater on a Friday night. Everything about Vic Mark’s piece “Medium Big Inefficient Considerably Imbalanced Dance” is odd and the only thing that makes perfect sense is the title. At first the piece is confusing, with one woman running randomly in circles, while five other dancers jolt slowly back and forth across the stage as if they are being pulled by a higher source. Then as the music starts to switch on and off and to and from about a million different songs, the nonsense of it all starts to grow on you. Just as soon as you get comfortable with one piece of music and relax enough to laugh at the absurdity of it all, the piece changes again and you are thrown right back in to trying to figure it out. At one point a dancer poses on the ground, while another kneels next to him, pushing him in circles with only his shoulder as if his strength is the only thing that can make the other dancer move. There is no real figuring it out Mark’s piece and that is the beauty of it. One must just get lost in this piece in order to really enjoy it. Have fun and marvel at the organized chaos of dancers who tumble and leap across the stage as if they have no control of their own movements. Because in reality, it took months and months of relentless thinking, planning and tumbling to come up with such a precise piece of joyful nonsense

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